• Please read the current status of burning in Thurston County here

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I have a fire at home?

    Yes, as long is the follows the criteria listed by Thurston County’s Burn Ban

    My neighbor is burning, can they burn? I thought there was a burn ban in place.

    Yes, they can burn as long as it a small recreational fire in a metal or concrete fire pit and no bigger than 3 feet in diameter.

    My neighbor is burning and I want to complain or file a complaint. Can’t you just come out and put it out?

    You can call the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCCA) at 360-539-7610 or toll free 1-800-422-5623. You can also get on line and fill out one of their complaint forms from their website at www.orcaa.org and click on the “contact” link which has their form listed. We advise you to call 9-1-1 to report the fire and dispatch will send us out to the location.

    Who is enforcing the burn ban or holding people accountable for burning?

    Olympic Region Clean Air Agency is the agency who is responsible for issuing fines and holding the responsible parties for wildfires or violations accountable.

    Someone is burning and it’s causing me to cough and have a hard time breathing.

    Advise the reporting person (RP) to hang-up and dial 9-1-1. Take down the address of the RP and start that direction. If not toned, generate a call with TCOMM either over the phone or via radio. Keep in mind you may have 2 calls on your hands; one for a BLS breathing and the other for the origin of the fire.

    When you say city limit and urban growth does that apply to me?

    No, if you live in the South Bay response area north of 26th AVE NE you are not in the city limits nor are you within the urban growth area. You would fall under the unincorporated area of Thurston County.