• The following are training requirements for EVERY quarter:

    • SCBA Donning (pack throw within 60 seconds)
    • CPR/AED quarterly refresher (Medic One requirement for EMTs)
    • Standard Evolution Drill (Drill includes hose evolution, operation/handling)


    (In addition to the above quarterly requirements each quarter will have special focus of more specific firefighter training requirements in order to adhere to quarterly, annual and bi-annual requirements – the below is a guide for the Training Officer, that may be modified quarterly for specific needs.)

    Structural firefighting focus (Conducted 1st quarter) topics will be selected in a rotational basis. Some of these primary topics include the following:

    • Search and Rescue
    • Ropes and knots
    • Tools and equipment
    • Ventilation
    • Firefighter survival (included RIT and Mayday)
    • Extinguishers
    • Fire behavior
    • Fire Attack
    • Forcible entry
    • Ground ladders


    Safety focus (conducted 2nd quarter)

    • Medical Questionnaire completed by all new members while in processing. Ongoing medical questionnaires will be scheduled for all members 2nd quarter on even numbered years (bi-annual)
    • Infectious Disease Exposure Control (IDEC) training conducted by all members (annual)
    • Respiratory refresher training with written test (annual)
    • Heat related Illness training (Annual)
    • Fit testing completed by all new members while in processing (SCBA and N-
    • 5 mask). Annual re-testing will be scheduled for all members. (annual) All members have fit testing 2nd quarter even if initial fit testing was less than 1 year to maintain consistent department schedule.
    • Bunker Gear inspection (2nd and 4th Quarters – Semi-annual)
    Traffic Emergency Focus (Conducted 3rd quarter every year)

    • Vehicle extrication
    • Vehicle firefighting operations
    • Roadside emergency and traffic control
    • Haz-Mat awareness refresher training
    • Other – not required/optional

    Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles
    Patient Care Extrication
    ICS and Special Focus (Conducted 4th Quarter every year)

    • Chimney firefighting (Training Officer optional)
    • Incident Command System (WAC required)
    • Inclement weather driving and emergency response (Training Officer optional)
    • Bunker Gear inspection (2nd and 4th Quarters – Semi-annual)
    • Other – as needed or make-up any annual missed training (Training Officer optional)


    Ongoing EMS training (EMT Certified Members)

    • The department will continue to rely on the Thurston County Medic One Ongoing Training and Education Program (OTEP)
    • The District will continue to make every effort to work with Medic One to schedule OTEP as part of a Monday night drill process at station 8-1 as a convenience to the members
    • While members are responsible for maintain their own re-certification, the department will make effort to provide support and guidance to help members track their status

    Ongoing Driver training

    • District members are expected and encouraged to practice and maintain driver skills on shift or as part of scheduled drills
    • The district will continue to schedule or provide, Emergency Vehicle Incident Prevention (EVIP class room training and certification testing) as needed to ensure that all members receive training at least every 4 years

    2016 Driver Task Book (v.2)

    The district will continue to provide member opportunities to partake in a drive skills course to ensure that members renew on heavy vehicle (Engine and Tender) at least every 2 years.