• Initial Training

    a)    Recruit Fire Academy – The department will to utilize and support the Thurston County Fire Training Consortium by enrolling new recruit members into the Recruit Fire Academy.
    b)    Probationary training – probation training to be completed over the six month period after fire academy graduation.
    c)     Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – The department will continue to utilize and support Thurston County Medic One by enrolling members to the County EMT Academy.

    Ongoing Proficiency Training

    a)    Quarterly and Annual firefighter requirements
    b)    Operational Support Program (OSP)
    c)     EMT – Online Training Education Program (OTEP)
    d)    Driver/OperatorView More: http://libbyrossphotography.pass.us/sbfd
    i)    Track/maintain all driver EVIP classroom status. Not to exceed 4 years.
    ii)   Track/maintain all driver skills course status. Not to exceed 2 years.
    iii)   Ensure ongoing driver competency training opportunities on shift or as part of drills
    e)    Ongoing Officer competency training
    f)     Identify and support Executive Officer training needs.

    Developmental Training


    a)   Officer Development Program (ODP)Training
    i)     Level 1 – Captain level development
    ii)    Level 2 – Battalion Chief level development
    b)  International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) certification
    i)    Support the Fire Academy to achieve initial recruit IFSAC Firefighter and HAZMAT certifications
    ii)   Provide support and guidance to provide the option for current members to gain certification
    iii) Provide support and opportunities for current members to gain additional certifications.
    c)   Driver/Operator
    i)    Driver EVIP classroom training.
    ii)   Driver skills course.
    iii) Provide Drivers Training 2016 Driver Task Book (v.2)
    iv) Assure final/executive testing prior to licensing endorsement