• Training

    Our District is well known and respected for its outstanding training program. Training activities are scheduled through the Assistant Chief for Training & Safety Brandon LeMay. Volunteer applicants are issued a uniform and protective gear then enrolled in initial training for Emergency Medical Technician or initial training for Thurston County Recruit Academy. After successful completion of initial training, volunteers begin a six-month probation period during which time they are assigned to a mentor. Mentors ensure that volunteers understand procedures and policies and assist them with any needs that arise.

    The Thurston Fire Rescue Training Consortium (TFRTC) hosts the Recruit Firefighter I Training Academy.  This course of study provides new firefighters the basic knowledge and skills to perform safely on the fire ground in a team configuration.  The curriculum objectives meet the requirements of Washington State Basic Firefighter 1 and NFPA 1001 and include live fire training.

    Training opportunities continue for volunteers throughout their career with the department.

    The South Bay Fire Department has a Fire Officer Development Program (ODP). One of the department’s organizational development priorities is to establish an ongoing officer development program. The basic idea of ODP is to provide specialized training, coaching and mentoring for members who exhibit leadership traits and have an interest in promotion within the Department. There is a high level of focus and coaching to the ODP candidates for promotional preparation, giving advantage to ODP candidates and more importantly preparing members for officer level responsibility before being formally promoted. The program consists of formal and informal training sections, including mentorship from existing Captains, online and other self-study work as well as formal training such as attending Fire Officer level courses. The department sees the value in providing pre-emptive leadership training to help grow members before the “trail-by-fire”.

    This program is designed to assist you in developing your leadership and emergency management skills through mentoring as well as through formal and informal training. This program will offer you a customized plan that is centrally focused on the certifications, competencies, expectations and qualifications that the Department requires of an officer and of a leader.

    You will be expected to maintain all of the responsibilities and skills you have for your current role here at SBFD.  In addition, you will also be challenged with additional assignments, responsibilities and roles that are expected of a Captain. One such example will include shadowing or acting as shift officer on your existing shift, as well as spending additional time on other shifts along-side existing captains. Another expectation includes attending the officer meetings and drills to help familiarize you with the functions of a Captain.